Padlock Re-key

padlock re-key

Did you know we can get a re-keyable padlock for you that fits any gate or fence in your business?

Yes! If you want to match your existing business key to a padlock, we can help. If you own a farm or managing a government facility, you may have many padlocks on your fences. Sometimes, padlocks are the main locking systems in one place, for instance; municipal authority.

With this in mind, also if you have many padlocks on your gates, it doesn’t mean you need to use many keys on a daily basis.

We Can Get Any Padlock With Any Finish and Style

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You can have different styles of padlocks with a different finish, stainless, brass, or brown. This means we can deliver padlock re-key service of all kinds. As we are connected to the best supply companies in the U.S, you can have hassle-free padlock re-key service.

The most important thing to remember is to measure the Shackle Length! Some gates need a padlock 2″ shackle length, other gates can have up to 4″ shackle length of a padlock. We can get any re-keyable padlock with any size of shackle length!

When you think about the convenience of using re-keyable padlocks, you can have the possibility to use the same key for any padlock on your premisses. Whether you need a padlock to your U-Haul storage, a gate, or a toolbox using a re-keyable padlock is your best choice.

These Are Few Of The Businesses And The Places That Using Keypad Locks

1)  Government Water & Sewerage Facilities – You can find padlocks on the gates and fences of water&ampsewerage facilities

2) U-Haul storage units – As you know, you don’t have to buy the padlock from U-Haul, but you can use your own padlock. This can be a great opportunity to use a re-keyable padlock while you can change the key for any purpose, at any time.

3) Power station for electricity – You can find padlocks on the gates of the power station fence.

4) School Gates – Many schools maintenance people are using padlocks on the gates

Padlock Re-key To Existing Key

We provide padlock re-key service in Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and the entire Lehigh Valley, PA. As a matter of fact, sometimes we go beyond the Lehigh Valley in order to help our customers. This means, if you have one key that works on all the locks in your property and you want it to unlock a padlock on your gate, we can help.

Being able to use one key only to operate all your locks can make your life much easier. In this case, you won’t get confused about which key opens which lock. In addition, you won’t try to insert the wrong key and break it inside your lock. Furthermore, you can save your time unlocking a lock after trying numerous keys every time.

Instead of getting frustrated every time you need to lock or unlock a lock on your property, please call our lock re-key specialists. We can make your life easier by re-keying all your locks, including your padlocks.