Emergency Storefront Lockout

Emergency Storefront Lockout

Do you own a boutique shop in Lehigh Valey Mall and need emergency locksmith service?

Are you managing a restaurant on E. 4th St of Bethlehem, PA?

Perhaps, you are locked out of your storefront door, right now, early in the morning? You just arrived to your shop, all your crew already arrived, too, and you look for your keys, but your keys are nowhere to be found.

Running back home is not an option because you live far away, so you have no choice but to call a professional locksmith. This scenario can happen when you least expected. No matter what kind of store you have, probably you have a glass door with aluminum frame.

We are here to unlock any storefront door whether you have a push bar on your door or just mortise lock with Adam Rites door mechanism. As a matter of fact, we are here to unlock any commercial door. When you need emergency storefront lockout assistant, we are the best to help.

We are leading commercial locksmiths, serving the entire Lehigh Valley PA, providing commercial lockout servicess day and night. Our professional locksmiths expertise in any commercial door unlocking service. We literally can open any door, especially a storefront door.

Unlock Storefront Door

There are many reasons why you may need storefront lockout service, another one of them is because your door mechanism is jammed and the bolt doesn’t move. This might not be an easy lockout situation, yet, we can handle it too.

In every storefront door, you can find two mortise locks, one is outside of the door and the second one is located on the in side of the door. The lock located outside of your door is the lock you need to operate woth a key, but the lock on the inner side of the door, we can install a thumb turn lock to avoid future problem and a waste of money to re-key this lock anytime you need to change your key.

Because we’re so familia with storefront locks, we know how your locking system works. It is only about the method of unlocking your door and the time, but in the end of the process, we will open your door. Most of the time, we’re fast in unlocking storefront doors. We are the locksmith company to call when you need storefront lock service.

Storefront Lock Services

In addition to storefront lockout service, we  provide all kind of services to the unlocking system of your shop. This includes, lock re-key, repair, and replace. When you need to troubleshoot a problem with your storefront lock, you may call the best commercial locksmith company, LockTech24/7

You can rest assure we can handle any storefront door lock issue. Not only we can release jammed doors, but we can also take car of any storefront door lock service.

We’re available 24/7! Whether your store is open during the day or day and night, we can help. Most importantly, we’re the closest locksmiths near you, without mention that our emergency commercial locksmith services will leave you with outstanding security result and peace of mind.