Lock Services On A New Home

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Lock Services on a New Home

Lock Services On A New Home

Are you you closing on a new home? Don’t forget to re-key or change your locks.

There is nothing more exciting than buying your new home. While you get the keys to your new home at the closing, you can never know how many copies of the key the previous owner had shared with his friends and his family. Furthermore, it can be even the neighbor next door who has the key to your new home. That’s why it’s important to have the locks re-keyed or even changed. LockTech24/7 locksmith is able to get the job done securely and quickly while you do the other things on your list.

Re-keying Locks on a New Home

In most cases, when you would like only to change the old key of your new home, we can re-key the locks of your new home, so the old key would no longer work. This service is quite cheaper than replacing all the locks on the doors of your new home. Many houses have four doors or more which make changing locks quite costly. This is the reason why re-keying locks should be the first service to request from a professional local locksmith.

When we re-key the locks in your new home, we change the combination of the internal components inside your lock cylinder. As your old key has different key cuts than the new key, it eventually will stop working on your locks. With this in mind, you will be required to provide us with the old key because it will be faster and easier to change to a new key.

Call our re-keying experts to re-key all the locks on your new home. It doesn’t matter how many locks you have, it also no matter if you need to re-key a deadbolt or doorknob. As we are mobile locksmiths, we serve the entire Lehigh Valley, PA. This means our locksmiths serve Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and the surrounding areas.

Changing Locks on a New Home

If you think the locks on your new home are too old, rusty, or broken, we recommend replacing the lock. With this in mind, we would be able to match the same new key, so that all the locks on your new home will be keyed alike and works with only one key. We know, it is very convenient to use only one key, but it’s a bit risky. If you lose your key, you would have to re-key all the locks again.

One more thing to consider when you change your locks is to upgrade your security. This can be the best time and best opportunity to upgrade the locks of your new home. If you upgrade the security of your home, you make an investment to protect your family and assets. Don’t think about changing locks as a waste of money. Think about the investment in your security.

Lock services on a new home done by our professional residential locksmith can assure you peace of mind. Let our locksmith pros to deal with the security of your new home because lock services on a new home done by us are the way to go. Please call us now!

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