Lock Replacement Service

lock replacement service

Lock replacement service is needed for every house and business. From time to time, our locksmiths arrive at houses and businesses that the locks on the doors are very old. They’re so old that some of them are even so rusty that they start to break apart.

Look at the locks installed on your doors, what condition is it in? It’s important to remember, a malfunctioning lock won’t secure your property, nor protect you from criminals!

It’s also important to lubricate the locks once a month to keep them working without interruption of dust and dirt.

Lock Maintenance service is crucial to extend the life of your lock. In the same fashion, it also necessary in order to keep your property secure at all time,

When you need a lock replacement service, you should call a professional local locksmith. Needless to say that we saw so many locks installed improperly by the owner to the handyman of the property. You probably won’t call a locksmith to fix the transmission of your vehicle, so why let a handyman install locks for you?

If you’re looking for a reliable locksmith service, you should call us. We are local mobile locksmiths, serving Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton PA, as well as the greater Lehigh Valley PA.

Tell us the security requirement for your house or your office, and we will find the fastest and the cheapest solutions for your lock and key needs. For instance; if you have the only doorknob on your door, we highly recommend also installing a deadbolt, addition to your doorknob. That improves the strength of your door.

Lock installation service done by a professional locksmith can gain you peace in mind for a long time. Don’t hesitate to call LockTech24/7 for any locksmith task that comes on your way.

Professional Lock Replacement Service

We replace the following locks:

Door Knobs Replacement

Deadbolts Replacement

Entry Locks Replacement

Rim Locks Replacement

Mortise Locks Replacement

Keypad Locks Replacement

Electronic Lock Replacement

Magnetic Locks Replacement

Door Locks Replacement

Kwikset Locks Replacement

Schlage Locks Replacement

Defiant Locks Replacement

U.S Locks Replacement

Baldwin Locks Replacement

Gatehouse Locks Replace

LSDA Locks Replacement

Sargent Locks Replacement

Bradford Locks Replacement

We service lock at the following properties and spaces:

Apartment Locks

House Locks

Business Locks

Office Locks

Storefront Locks

Push Bar Locks

Shed Locks

Garage Door Locks

Storage Locks

Elevator Room Locks

Basement Door Locks

Patio Door Locks

Mobile Lock Replacement Service

LockTech24/7 has a mobile lock replacement service and maintenance. That’s means, you don’t have to uninstall the lock, run to a local locksmith shop, and do everything by yourself.

You can rely on our lock replacement service because not just we do everything for you, but we also support our labor and products with a ninety days warranty. You can definitely have peace in mind when you call our locksmiths.

LockTech24/7 is 24-hour locksmith services for emergency purposes. Nevertheless, you can call us to replace the locks on your door, at any time.

Our locksmiths ready for any lock replacement service, whether for a house or a business. Our residential and commercial locksmiths are at the top level of locksmith services and they can handle any lock replacement service. We can also repair locks, change the key (re-key), and install high-security locks.