Shed Lock Services

Shed Lock Services

You can find in almost every backyard or a front yard a shed standing outside. Usually, we store tools and machines that we use to work in the garden, as well as plastic seats, table, and more.

Most of the shed lock loke T shape, that’s why they are called T-handle locks. In general, all t-handle locks work in the same way; while spinning the cylinder with a key, you can turn the t-handle right or left.

T-handle locks come in different length. The length of their tailpiece can go from 3″-6.5″, depending on the thickness of your shed door. However, in most cases, we can adjust and file the wood in order to fit a new t-handle lock to your shed.

LockTech24/7 mobile residential locksmiths can come to your house for evaluation and estimate in order to provide you with a new key to your shed lock. We serve the entire Lehigh Valley PA, so don’t hesitate to call us whenever you need to solve an issue with your shed lock.

Shed Lockout

You have a small key to your shed and you don’t use it very often. It’s been 2 weeks since the last time you opened your shed to work in the backyard. Time has arisen again and you need your lown mower.

You have searched for your key, probably a small key with 3-4 cuts, but you can’t find it anywhere. Hmmmm… where have I put my shed key, you’re thinking to yourself? Finally, you give up, but you still need to unlock your shed door.

This is the time when you should call our 24/7 emergency lockout experts. We can come quickly to unlock your shed door. Our emergency locksmith carries all the lockout tools in order to open your shed door.

As we are mobile locksmiths, we can arrive at any location in the Lehigh Valley, whether you need to unlock your shed door in Northampton PA or Coopersburg PA.

Shed Lock Repair / Replace

Do you have a key to your shed lock but you’re unable to unlock the door?

Are you not able to insert your key all the way in your shed lock cylinder?

If you need to troubleshoot a problem with you t0handle shed lock, we are here to help. We provide all kind of shed lock services, whether you need to repair a shed lock or shed lock replacement service.

We carry all types of shed locks, especially t-handle locks of all lengths. Call our residential locksmiths to service your shed lock in a time of needs and save your time and your money.

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