Locked Keys In Trunk

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Locked Keys In Trunk

Locked keys in the trunk can be very stressful and a great amount of time to search for a professional automotive locksmith. Furthermore, in order to unlock a trunk without keys, a professional locksmith needs to be creative. Perhaps you ask; why creative?  Because unlocking auto trunk is the hardest automotive lockouts you can imagine. In many cases, an auto locksmith needs to find a unique unlocking solution to unlock your car trunk.

The most common reason to lock your keys in the trunk is during shopping. You had much of a great time with your family in the shopping mall. After a few hours of shopping, you’re going back to your car with hands full of with goodies and bags.

You unlock the trunk with a key fob and placed your bags inside the trunk. At this point, you didn’t pay attention that you left your car keys inside the trunk. When you are done placing all the bags in the trunk, you slammed the trunk and suddenly you realize, you’ve left the keys in the trunk.

At this moment, you start to get panic! If your car door is unlocked, you go to the driver side, hit the trunk release electric button, and nothing happens. The trunk simply won’t open.

What are you going to do now?

In some cases, depend on car brand and model, you will be able to pull down the back seats and get into your trunk from the passenger’s side. And in many other cases, you won’t be able to get back into your trunk without a locksmith help.

24 Hour Trunk Unlocking Service

LockTech24/7 locksmiths are ready to unlock any trunk to any vehicle. When you lock your car keys inside the trunk and you have no spare key, you better call us.

We’re the experts of automotive trunk unlocking professionals in the Lehigh Valley, PA. It’s important to realize, when you forget your car keys inside the trunk, you may need an automotive locksmith to deal with this problem. When you encourage locked keys in the trunk incident, please call us as soon as possible.

Yet, don’t let a trunk lockout incident to ruin your day. In the worse scenario, we’ll be able to cut a new car key by the VIN number of your car.

Auto Lockout Services

In general, a standard lockout service takes 5 minutes. As a matter of fact, our locksmiths will open any car door in 5 minutes. We can open any door of any car, doesn’t matter brand name and model. But trunk lockout is a different story! However, you may also know that our locksmiths are capable to open almost any trunk.

Car lockout incidents can be varied and each desires special treatment. We guarantee to unlock your car door with no damage and no hassle, in order to get you back on the road in a short time, as possible.

We strongly advise you not to try and unlock your car by yourself because you take the risk of damaging your car door and frame. Instead, you may call us to unlock your car or your trunk.