Ordering Key Fob Online What Do You Need To Know

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Ordering Key Fob Online

Do you plan to buy a key fob to your vehicle online?

What do you need to know when you order a key fob online?

Did you know; many key fobs look alike! Yet, the electronic components inside the fobs are quite different from one to another. It can be very confusing trying to figure out what key fob remote will work with your vehicle. However, there are a few things you need to know before ordering your key fob.

The process of ordering a key fob online can be very frustrating if you do not have any guidance. With this in mind, the good news is we wrote this post in order to guide you on what you need to do to find the correct key fob for your vehicle.

FCC Number | FCC ID

The most important thing to know is the FCC number of the key fob for your vehicle. Also if two key fobs look alike, they might have a different FCC number. Perhaps you ask yourself how can you locate the FCC number of your key fob? If you still have a working key fob to your vehicle, you can find the FCC number in the back of the original key fob. Another way to find the key fob FCC number to your vehicle is by calling us or calling a local dealership.

An FCC number on a car key fob or on a wireless key fob (proximity key fob / smart key) is the certification number used to certify the fob (remote) complies with wireless emissions standards. By using the FCC ID, you can look up the wireless frequency the car remote uses, the radiation you may be absorbing when pressing buttons on the remote, and other technical information about the device.

Please don’t assume if the key fob you see online looks exactly like your key fob. Perhaps, they have a different FCC number and you might be ordering the wrong key fob with the wrong FCC number.

OEM Part Number

One of the reference numbers that appears on many automotive remote controls for both factory keyless entry and alarm systems is the part number assigned to it by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

If you have an existing part and are uncertain about how to specify the correct replacement part on the Remotes Unlimited website or at an auto parts store, look at your original remote and see if there is a manufacturer’s part number on it. Many remotes have an OEM part number on the back of the case.

If you can’t locate the OEM part number for your key fob, you can call a local car dealer, give him the VIN number of your vehicle, and he would tell you the OEM part number for the key fob that fits your vehicle.

FCC Number VS OEM Part Number

Another important thing to remember is there are exactly the same cars with the same year, brand, and model that have the same FCC number but a different OEM part number. Auto manufacturers change OEM part numbers frequently. There are some cars with 3-4 different part numbers. In this case, there is no way to know what specific part number can fit your car until you call the dealership. You would give him the VIN number for your vehicle, so he can tell you the specific part number that fits your car.

Please see an example in the picture below:

Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Fob PN

IC Number

In most cases, if this number matches, it doesn’t mean it will work. The best thing to do is to match part number & fcc id number. However, in rare cases, an IC number is important too in order to fit the correct key fob to your vehicle.

How Many Buttons You Have On Your Key Fob?

The last thing you need to consider when you purchase key fob online is the number of the buttons you have on your original key fob.

This sounds weird but for some cars matters how many buttons you have on your original key fob. In order to fully work with your vehicle, you need the exact number of buttons and their features.

When you ordering a key fob online, you need to be ready with all the information listed on this page.

Are You Looking For Ordering Key Fob Online, Right Now?

If you want to buy a key fob online, we can help. Whether you want us to program your new key fob or not, we would be happy to sell you a new keyfob in a fair price.

Remember, if you buy the key fob from us and hire us to program it to your vehicle, you get an easy way out of a big issue, as well as 3 months guarantee of a quality smart key.

Ordering Key Fob Online Just Made Easy! We Can Program Your New Key Fob!

We also sell key fobs!

After ordering a key fob online, you need a locksmith to program it to your vehicle. We, at LockTech24/7 can program your new key fob! With this in mind, we can also cut the service key you got with your key fob. It is needless to say we have all the equipment we need in order to cut and program car keys and key fobs. This includes key-less entry remote, as well as smart keys, and remote head keys.

With 10 years of experience and after programming thousands of different keyfobs for many cars, you can rest assured we will complete our work In a fairly time frame. We serve each and every town in Lehigh Valley, PA. This includes from Easton to Kutztown and from Perkasie to Jim Thorpe.

When you need an automotive locksmith professional, you might call us. Not just we can make a new key or key fob to your vehicle, but we can also repair ignitions. In addition, we can also evaluate problems concerning your immobilizer system.

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