5 Tips When Buying Automotive Key Fob Online

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5 Tips When Buying Automotive Key Fob Online

5 Tips When Buying Automotive Key Fob Online

Have you lost the key fob of your car?

An automotive smart key is also called a key fob or proximity smart key is an electronic access and authorization system of your new vehicle. This is a part of your anti-theft system. The anti-theft system also includes the immobilizer, transmitter, the computer of your car, and more.

If you think to purchase a new key fob, you may know there are few things you need to know before purchasing a new key fob online. In general, we recommend you take care of a spare key fob before you lose your last one. In addition, when you have one working key fob for your car, cutting and programming a spare key fob can cost cheaper.

What Is The Difference Between Smart Key Fob to Keyless Entry Remote

Car manufacturers make many new cars with push-to-start ignition and intelligent car keys. With the advanced technology of today, you don’t need an actual key to start your car, but only to unlock your door in the case your battery ran empty and the key fob is no longer unlocking your door.

It’s important to remember that a keyless entry system is different than an anti-theft system. In short,  OEM proximity intelligent key is not the same as the keyless entry fob to unlock your doors, also if both are located at the same key remote. While an intelligent key fob can start your car, a keyless entry remote is good only to unlock the doors of your car.

A keyless entry remote would not start your car! The part inside your key fob that starts your car is a tiny computer chip that is programmed into your car. Yes, your key fob content all of these part inside your key fob’s shell.

Do You Think To Buy Your Key Fob Online?

There are hundreds of styles of automotive key fobs, so how to know which one of them will fit your car? In addition, you can find an identical key fob online that you may think can fit your car, but in fact, this key fob can fit a different car than yours. For instance; an intelligent key fob of the 2007 Nissan Altima looks identically to the smart key fob of the 2014 Nissan Altima, but both key fobs would not work on both cars. The electronic components inside the key fobs are different, as well as the computer chip to start the car. With this in mind, the same goes for other car brands such as Chrysler, Honda, and more.

Before you run to buy your new replacement key fob online, you may find the right details of your intelligent key fob. Here, at LockTech24/7, we care about our customers, therefore, we would like to tip you the right information about replacing the key fob of your car. If you follow our guide step by step, you would have a smooth and easy key fob replacing service.

5 Tips When Buying Automotive Key Fob Online

What do you need to know before you purchase a new key fob online?

1) Get your car year, brand, and model ready, as well as the VIN number.

2) If you already have a working key fob for your car, turn it to the backside and search for a small sticker. This sticker tells the serial, part, and FCC numbers of your key fob in order to know the right key fob of your vehicle. If you have found this sticker, write down all those numbers. If you can’t find it in the back, you may find it inside the key fob.

Please note: usually, aftermarket key fobs don’t have that sticker. If you can’t find a tiny sticker on your old key fob, you can call a local car dealership. The dealer will ask for the VIN number of your car and tells you what is the part number or the FCC number of the key fob to your vehicle.

You can also call us, we would be happy to tell you the FCC number to your key fob. Furthermore, if you like us to help, we would be happy to cut and program a new key fob by your VIN number.

Aftermarket Key Fob VS OEM Original Key Fob

An original OEM key fob has the logo of the car marked on its body.

3) Not all aftermarket key fobs are ok to buy! For some cars, for instance, Nissan, you must buy the original OEM intelligent key fob (push-to-start ignition). The reason for that is because you can’t program an aftermarket key fob to the car. Unfortunately, an original OEM proximity key fob is more expensive than an aftermarket key fob. You can simply save your money and buy the original OEM key.

4) Check if your car has a split year. Some cars, in certain years, have a split-year key. This means from January-June there is a specific key, and from June-December, you need a different key. Yes, we know, it is very confusing.

5) eBay and Amazon are not always good sources to buy your key fobs. Many of the key fobs don’t properly work or are easy to get damaged. In many cases, we get calls from a customer who bought his key fob on eBay. We are told after a few weeks the key fob stops working. You better buy from a legitimate website that sells automotive key fobs.

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