Lock Rekey VS Lock Change

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Lock Re-key VS Lock Change

Lock Rekey VS Lock Change

From time to time, we get a phone call when the customer is asking to change locks on his doors. Perhaps, not many people know there is a cheaper service that provide the same result as changing locks, this service is re-keying locks. Lock rekey vs lock change is what you need to know when it time to deal with your locks.

What is the difference between lock re-key and lock change?

Re-keying locks mean to change the combination of the pins inside the cylinder in order to match a new key to that lock. In other words, the old key will no longer work and a new key will replace it. As long as the condition of the lock is fine, you can ask to re-key your lock instead of replacing it.

As you can see above you don’t need to change a lock when you need to change the key. We would like to explain the difference between lock rekey vs. lock change. Replacing a completely new lock and door hardware is not always recommended. Please read and contact us if you have any question.

We recommend To Re-key Locks In The Following Situations:

Moving To A New Home – When you move in a new home, you can never who have possession to your old key. The previous tenant could give his key to somebody of his family, a friend, or a neighbor. We strongly recommend to re-key all the locks of your new home.

Lost key – If you lost your key, you never know who found it. In this case, your key can be found by a dishonest person who would be happy to visit your home at night or when you at work. A key in burglar’s hands can jeopardy your home security, not to mention your safety.

Keyed Alike – Many people have bunch of keys to their house. This makes it uncomfortable because every time you want to unlock your door you need to deal with many keys until you find the right key to unlock your door. Keyed alike means that all your locks operate with one single key.

We recommend Change To New Locks In The Following Situations:

Old Lock Replacement– When you have an old lock on your door it’s only a matter of time until it will break or jam on your door, This situation can get you into a lockout situation which you can prevent if you change the lock before crisis has arisen.

Broken Lock Replacement– A broken lock on your door compromise your security. You must remember that locksmith can’t repair all broken locks, but only some of them, depending on the damage. If you have a broken lock, we recommend to replace it instead of repairing it. This will ensure a long term operation and great security to your home.

Upgrade Your Security – To upgrade your home security is investment, not a waste of money. Upgrading your home security will benefit you in the long run. You can prevent bad people in coming into your house, ass well as keeping your assets secured and your family safe.

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