Commercial Locksmith For Businesses And Offices

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Commercial Locksmith for Businesses and Offices

Commercial Locksmith For Businesses and Offices

Are you a business owner in needs of a commercial locksmith in Allentown, Bethlehem, or Easton PA?

If you are in needs of a commercial locksmith, right now, you’ve just arrived at the right page. LockTech24/7 is a leading commercial locksmith company in the valley. We are a mobile commercial locksmiths! As we’re mobile, we serve Bethlehem, Allentown, and Easton PA, as well as the entire Lehigh Valley PA.

Commercial Lockout Services

We are proud of providing 24/7 emergency commercial lockout services for offices, shops, and commercial spaces throughout the Lehigh Valley and the surrounding area. In addition, we are proud of providing, fast, reliable and courteous professional commercial locksmith services to all type of businesses in our region.

As you can see, not only we can help in an emergency business lockout, but we can also schedule an appointment to re-key, repair, or replace locks in your business in order to keep it secure and to upgrade its security. Furthermore, when it comes to hiring a professional commercial locksmith, we are the best ones to call.

This is an example for our commercial lockout services:

Storefront Lockout – You are a store owner and you need to open your store early morning. As you arrived at your storefront, you’ve found out your key is lost and nowhere to be found. In a lockout scenario like this, we can come to unlock your storefront, quickly, and make a new key if necessary.

Office Lockout – No matter if you own a small office on the street or you have a commercial building content many offices, we are able to unlock almost every commercial door in your office.

Commercial Space Lockout – A commercial space of a trucking company or hi-tech company can be a huge building with many doors, security hardware, and key-less access control. Call one of the best locksmith company in North Eastern Pennsylvania, LockTech24/7, to unlock your business or a commercial door in your commercial building.

Commercial Safe Lockout – In a case you’re locked out of your safe in your business, we can come and unlock your safebox soon after you call us. In addition, we can unlock the cash register, as well as a lockbox. Call us to unlock any safe or money drawer in your office. Our commercial safe lockout services available 24/7

[ Broken Commercial Key Extraction – When the key to your business is worn it can snap inside the lock cylinder of your office. With the intention to help you with this emergency situation, we carry many broken key extraction kits. Call us now and we will be there within twenty minutes. A professional broken key extraction service available to your business after calling us.

Commercial Locksmith for Shops / Stores

You can find glass door with an aluminum frame in any typical store in the Lehigh Valley. Usually, those doors have mortise locks and Adam Rites door mechanism. LockTech24/7 technician can easily repair, replace, or re-key those locks and door hardware. Mortise locks come with different length and we have them all.

If you have a back door to your store, you can usually find there heavy wooden or metal door. As a fire department code required, you may find on this door; panic bar, push bar, or how some people call it “a crash bar.”

We take care of any door in your store, whether a front door, back door, or a bathroom door.

Commercial Locksmith for Offices

We are professional commercial locksmiths, and you are professional in your field. Then, when it comes to taking care of the security of your office, you want to deal with LockTech24/7. We provide Commercial Locksmith For Businesses and Offices whether you own a single office or huge offices building in downtown Allentown.

We specialize in commercial locksmith services for businesses and offices. In like manner, we specialize in re-keying, repairing and replacing commercial locks. In addition, we also specialize in repairing panic bars, door closers, keypad / electronic locks, and more.

LockTech24/7 commercial locksmith specialists are only one phone call away.

Commercial Locksmith for Industrial Space

Here, in the Lehigh Valley PA, there are many trucking companies, hi-tech companies, big factories and industrial buildings of all kinds. We, at LockTech24/7, providing security maintenance to all of the external doors of your industrial building. With this in mind, we’re fast to re-key, repair and replace any lock on your door.

As you can see above, among our commercial locksmith services for businesses and offices, we provide emergency and non-emergency commercial locksmith services. It doesn’t matter where your business is located at, and no matter what type of commercial locksmith needs.

When you need a commercial locksmith for industrial space in Easton, Bethlehem, or Allentown, you need a commercial locksmith expert. With this in mind, a commercial locksmith specialist can secure each and every door in your business.

24/7 Commercial Locksmith Services For Businesses & Offices

Mobile professional commercial locksmith services within LockTech24/7 ensure you get peace of mind. For this reason, you should call us when you need a commercial locksmith for your business. Not just we can come quickly to unlock a commercial door in your office, but we also provide full commercial locksmith service.

With attention to details, we won’t leave one screw on your door hardware we haven’t paid attention to. In addition to our expertise in commercial locksmith services, we guarantee professional and honest advice, as well as affordable rate.

Those are few of the commercial locksmith services we provide in a daily basis

Re-key Commercial Locks in a Business – Sometimes, a business owner needs to fire one of his staff while that person leaves with the key of the office. However, the key to your business in unauthorized person’s hands is not a safe situation. In this case, you need to re-key the locks in your office.

Repair Commercial Lock on Your Office Door – Yes! A commercial lock can get jammed or break on your office door. We carry lock parts and security hardware for almost all type of commercial doors and commercial locks. In many cases, we’re able to repair a broken lock in your office, at the first visit.

Replacing Old Commercial Locks – In general, commercial locks are heavy duty locks that can last for a long time. Yet, in time, a commercial lock can start malfunctioning out of wear and tear. A lock that is hard to turn to lock or unlock eventually will break in time. Call us if you need to replace an old lock in your business. We carry most of commercial locks and hardware for stores, industrial business, and offices.

Commercial Locksmith Install Door Hardware, Key-less Entry, and Access Control System

Push Bar / Panic Bar / Crash Bar Repair – In almost every business, there is a panic bar on the back door. This is required by the fire code in order to help your employees and customers to evacuate your business safely, in a case of emergency.

Installation of an Electric Strike / Buzzer System – Would you like to install a new buzzer system in your office? A buzzer system can let you open your main door without getting up your chair. We would be happy to assist you whenever you want to install an electric strike in your office.

Keypad Lock Installation – A keypad lock can gain you a key-less entry to your office. You can set up many codes for different employees, as well as a record of who came in the door and when. We can install a keypad lock whether you have a push bar on your door, or not.

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