Beware of Locksmith Scam

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Beware of Locksmith Scam

You find yourself locked out of your home, car, or business. In addition, you lost your key and you need a mobile key replacement on-site. furthermore, you’re late for your important appointment and panicked, frustrated, and embarrassed.

This is the perfect scenario for a Locksmith Scam, and epidemic spread across the United States, including Lehigh Valley, PA. Nevertheless, this could cost you more than your embarrassment. Do not let a simple scenario of an emergency locksmith moment empty your pockets, let alone, your bank account.

  • Have you called a local locksmith and got a “quote” of “Starting Price?”
  • Have you called for locksmith service and the representative told you; “the technician will tell you the price when he arrives”?
  • Is the representative over the phone using a generic company name such as “emergency locksmith” or “24/7 locksmith?”

Think for a moment; Why did you get a starting price?

With this in mind, why wouldn’t the representative on the phone tell you the price, after all, any professional locksmith knows his expenses.

Be Aware of Locksmith Scam!

In order to increase the price, many dishonest locksmiths are using switch and bait tactics!

All they want is to make you feel comfortable with a low quote of “Starting Price.” You missed it, a starting price is not an official price. In other words, a starting price is an open NO PRICE! All the intention of these “locksmiths” is to dig your pocket and rip you off! As this became a nationwide scam, including in Lehigh Valley PA, you should beware of the locksmith scam.

To put it in another way, they know you’re stranded in the dark, freezing in the cold, or just waiting a long time for locksmith service. For this reason, some of those locksmith companies will deliberately hold you on for hours, in order to get you impatience. When the technician arrives, you will pay the top dollar they request you to pay.

gain your trust

When a Scammer Takes the Locksmith Job

Do not fall for a locksmith scam!

Do not pay what the scammer wants!

Most of these scammers end up with success, especially when they reduce the price to your satisfaction. Yet, you end up giving your business to a scammer. At the end of the locksmith scam attempt, you ended up paying a scammer. No matter if he reduced the price to $50, $150, or $350, do not pay a scammer, you better give your money to a trustworthy professional locksmith.

With all honesty, I would not pay a dime to someone who was dishonest and tried overcharging me in the first place. Why pay a scammer? It’s like giving a thief the money he wanted to steal from you. Why give your business to an untrustworthy company or individual?

Pay Closer Attention!

You better pay closer attention to the conversation with the representative! In addition, check their website, and look for the “pricing page.” (If there is any)

If you find a pricing list in this structure of pricing, you may know you have spotted a scammer.

Car Lockout – Car Door UnlockStarting At $35 Depending on the type of lock
House /Business/ Bedroom LockoutStarting At $35 Depending on the type of lock
Residential / Business Rekey- Rekey A LockStarting At $19 Per Lock Depending on the security level of the locks
Residential / Business Lock change- Replace a lock installStarting At $29 Depending on the security level of the locks
Car Key Made- Make a new car key from scratchStarting At $99 Depending on the Year/ Make/ Model
Ignition Problem / Car Key DuplicateStarting At $90 Depending on the type of ignition / Make Additional Key
Key Programming to the VehicleStarting At $90 Depending on the type of key



How to Beware of Locksmith Scam?

Listen to your gut feelings

Unmarked locksmith vehicleIs the locksmith arrived with unmark vehicle?

You should beware of locksmith scams when you don’t get clear answers and an up-front transparency locksmith quote, it may raise a red flag. Do not be another number of locksmith scam victim list. As a matter of fact, every professional locksmith knows the prices for his expenses to perform and complete his work. Don’t be a led-up person in a circus scenario of a locksmith scam. Be the one leading the conversation, be the one taking control of the situation! Please enter this link and find how to avoid locksmith scam.

Do not accept the words “It Starts From $…?!

 Do not accept the words “The Technician Would Tell You The Price of Service When He Arrives!”

“Trust” the Technician’s Nonsense Quote

Don’t let the technician tell you the price when he arrives!

Seriously now, is this make sense for the office that sends the technician to perform the job not to know the price or expenses of this job and to give you a legit price? Be that as it may say, this is the moment when you need to beware of locksmith scams.

“The locksmith will tell you the price when he arrives on-site” is an excuse in order to rip you off! And last but not least… The best lie to rip you off is “You have a special lock” OR “high-security lock.” While most of the locks on doors in the United States are standard locks, a locksmith scammer love to use the excuse of “you have high-security locks.” Check the locks on your doors, what firms are there, Schlage, Kwikset, Defiant, or Gatehouse? Keep in mind, all of those locks are standard locks. With this in mind, this is one of the ways how the scammer commits his locksmith scam.

When You Feel You’re in a Locksmith Scam

Keep in mind, don’t hesitate to call us, LockTech24/7, to get you out of your emergency locksmith scenario hassle-free! Unlike scammers, we would be happy to quote you a legit cheap price for your locksmith needs. Not just we don’t have hundreds of “locksmiths technicians, worldwide, nor 6 “local locksmith technicians” in the Lehigh Valley, but we’re a small family-owned locksmith company, and we try to do our best!

Feel free to call us, day or night, we are here for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a big smile and a fair rate.

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