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All You Wanted to Know About Locksmith Scam

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All You Wanted to Know About Locksmith Scam

Local Locksmith VS Nationwide Locksmith

It’s about two words… AND UP!

When you call a locksmith and he quotes you a “starting price,” you may feel uncomfortable! This is not the case with LockTech24/7! There is no such thing of a “starting price,” neither “it depends”, or “… and up,” it’s all about “estimate!”

A professional locksmith usually gives an estimate for a complicated hard tasking project. In general, we’re able to give the exact price over the phone. While there is no reason to give a “starting price,” many locksmiths do quote you a starting price.

This is a price structure of a scammer locksmith:

While all locksmith companies will charge you a service call plus parts and labor, a legit locksmith will tell you the final price, while a scammer locksmith tells you “and up”. It’s all about “and up!”

$15 + $35 and up

$25 + $45 and up

$29 + 35 and up

$35 + $60 and up

In general, it can be any number…. and up! To put it differently, don’t fall to the words “and up”, “starting price”, and others.

Switch & Bait Locksmith Tactic

Do Not Fall to a Locksmith Starting Price Quote!

Usually, if you’ve been quoted for a starting price, you’ll find out you need to pay much more. Every reliable locksmith knows his expenses and his charges. Don’t be fooled by a scammer, also if they are so “fast” and “efficient” as it looks like. Don’t pay around $200 to unlock your car.

There are many switch & baits tactics by scammers. This includes the “locksmiths” who pays hundreds of thousands of dollars on Google Adwords, just to rip off your pocket. With this in mind, please be careful when you hire a locksmith.

We Quote You Upfront Price!

Here, at LockTech24/7, we quote you upfront. In addition, we will furnish you an affordable price for any locksmith service of your needs.  Please remember, when you hire us, we don’t keep hidden fees or additional charges, and the final price is clear.

24/7 locksmith services in Easton, Bethlehem, and Allentown PA by one of the most reliable locksmith companies in the Lehigh Valley. In the final analysis, call LockTech24/7 in your time of needs, call and you never be disappointed.  (484) 547-7345

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