Unlock Car With Tennis Ball

By cutting a hole in a tennis ball, one can squeeze the ball and the resulting air pressure can unlock a car door.

unlock car with tennis ball

Unlock Car With Tennis Ball

Does this actually work? It can’t be this easy to open a locked car, can it?

Learning how to unlock a car with a tennis ball will do you no good as this method does not work. Learning how to unlock your car with a tennis ball is a myth that has existed for a long time. The idea is that using a tennis ball, you can create a pressure chamber inside your car’s lock causing the pins inside the lock to be aligned correctly, thus, opening the car door.

The myth of unlocking your car with a tennis ball has been proven false time and time again. It has even been proven false by the popular Discovery Channel series “Myth Busters.”

You are welcome to try to unlock car with tennis ball using these steps, however, you are not likely to come any closer to unlocking your car door.

Things you’ll need:

* Tennis Ball
* Knife or other sharp objects

Prepare the tennis ball. Cut a small slit in the tennis ball equal to the length of the key entry on your car. Insert the knife into the tennis ball and use an up and down motion to lengthen the cut without widening it.

Pressure the tennis ball. Place the tennis ball over the car’s key entry. Squeeze the tennis ball while pressing it against the car door. Release your pressure on the tennis ball allowing it to create a vacuum effect inside the lock chamber. Continue to press the tennis ball against the door.

Rotate the tennis ball. Rotate the tennis ball while pressing it against the car. Open the door and release the tennis ball.


Myth Busters Build Team replicated an online viral video with two different tennis balls with two sized holes, but the car door didn’t unlock.

They blasted the lock with full air pressure, but it still didn’t do anything. They finally recreated the events in the video by having Tory unlocking the door remotely in the background, and were quick to point out that clever editing can make things look real.

You definitely shouldn’t try unlocking your car with a screwdriver because you’ll find out it doesn’t work, too. At the end of the process, you’ll damage your car and it will cost you more.


Consider actual methods that work instead of using a tennis ball. These methods include a jiggle key, Slim Jim, trying to unlock your car’s trunk by yourself, or simply…. call LockTech24/7 for help.