Unlock Car With Screwdriver

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Don’t Try To Unlock Car With Screwdriver

Unlock Car With Screwdriver

From time to time, I get calls from a driver who tries to unlock his car door with a screwdriver. When I usually ask the owner of the car questions about the damage on the vehicle door, he usually announce; “I tried to unlock my car door with a screwdriver”.

It’s important to remember, when you have roadside assistance on your car insurance policy, your insurance will reimburse your lost money. You don’t have to pay deductible and it doesn’t effect your insurance policy. But when you damage your car, trying opening the door by yourself, you’ll have to pay deductible in order to get your insurance to repair the damaged door.

In the final analyze of the cost, these customers ending up paying more. They pay for locksmith to unlock the door, and also need to pay deductible to repair the damage.

You may know there are certain of cars, the door is too tight against the frame. This kind of car doors are deliberately invented to prevent breaking in the car, for instance, with a tennis ball. Another thing to consider is the advanced security of some of the cars.

Let’s assume that you finally were able to make the crack that you need insert a coat hanger inside in order to unlock your car. Many car computers that sense there is break-in attempt to the car, will shit down the power system, as well as the gas pump. In the end, of your try, you will probably fail once again and this could lead to a serious damage to your car. The best thing to do when you lock the keys in the car is to call us. With his in mind, please call us also when you’ve locked your keys inside the trunk.

We Can Open Any Car With No Hassle And No Damage

Our professional automotive locksmith working 24 hour a day to provide you with emergency locksmith solutions in the time you need us most. We know all car features to unlock your car fast, safe, and with no damage. Don’t let a minor car lockout incident to ruin your all day, maybe the entire week. Why would you like to spend more money than you need? Why do you need to waste more time repairing your car than you already lost?

Let the professionals of LockTech24/7 to save your day. As we mentioned above, we can unlock any car, or whatsoever. Alongside with our automotive locksmith services, we can also duplicate car keys. And we proud to announce that we can even make a new car key from scratch, in case you’ve lost your only auto key.

Last but not least, we’re able to program a new transponder key to your car.  As a matter of fact, we can cut and program high security car keys, too.

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