What Can You Do If You Got Burgled

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What Can You Do If You Got Burgled

What Can You Do If You Got Burgled

When a burglar break in your home, it can be a devastating fearful event. This is the reason why you should take care of securing your house to prevent burglary. Most of the time, when a burglar breaks in a house, he kicks in the door breaking the door wide open. For many people, the current burglary event is the first time in life. For this reason, they don’t know what to do!

You might be in shock, therefore we recommend you to call someone you trust for support. Friends and family definitely can help.

Here’s a guide for those who are facing burglary or those who want to be prepared:

  The first thing that you should do is call the police!
Do not touch anything around to. Do not fix anything or arrange the house before the cops arrive at your house. The cops will take photos and fingerprints trying to identify the criminals.

  The cops will ask you if anything was stolen from your house, maybe the keys to your car?
Make a list of all the stolen belongings and assets, make sure to tell the cops if anything is trackable. This will help the police to identify the criminals, as well as helping you when you contact your insurer.

  Does the burglar steal your wallet or credit/debit cards?
You may contact your bank and your credit card providers in order to cancel stolen cards and to replace them with new cards. Better safe than sorry, you better cancel your credit cards before someone else uses them.

  Call us as soon as possible and we will send our burglary repair specialists to your home. We provide emergency burglary repair services to house owners, as well as apartment owners. Call us for fast break-in repair in Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and the surrounding areas.

#1 Burglary Repair Service in the Lehigh Valley

LockTech24/7 is a leading locksmith and doors company located in Northampton PA. We provide emergency burglary repair services such as door repair, frame repair, and lock repair. As a professional locksmith company, we can repair any lock and door hardware that you might have in your home.

Additionally to locksmithing, we also repair doors and door frames when one of our customers gets burgled. We provide an emergency break-in repair while other door companies don’t! Many times we have heard that the customer needs to wait 3-4 months in order to repair burglary damage. This is not the case with LockTech24/7! We arrive on the same day as your call.

Call our door repair specialists for an estimate. We will send our door experts to furnish a unique design to the damage on your door after a burglary. So if you ask yourself What Can You Do If You Got Burgled, call LockTech24/7!

We hope we could help with the aftermath of a burglary in your home. Our locksmiths are ready to help help with replacing your locks or boarding up damaged door and frame after a break-in.

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