Tips To Prevent Losing Your Keys

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Tips To Prevent Losing Your Keys

Tips To Prevent Losing Your Keys

We would like to share several tips with our customers in order to prevent losing your keys. If you’ve landed on this page because you intend to lose your keys often, you will definitely be happy to get some tips to prevent this from happening again. We all agree for one thing, losing your car key is no fun, not to mention, can be a bit costly!

Most of the time, when you lose your key is because you were in a hurry. When you misplaced or lose your keys, your only option is to search for them. You try to remember where could you misplaced your keys. You even try to remember your previous steps and the places you’ve been in.

What can you do in order to avoid losing your key? If you wonder if there is any solution to prevent losing keys, so yes, there are few solutions! Please follow these tips and find a better way to secure your keys.

Purchase A Key Finder Gadget

Lost Key AlarmA key finder is a small gadget you attach to your key ring and beeping when you press on the button on the remote. You can find good key finder gadgets for approximately $15-$20. As long as you keep your batteries in good standing, you are covered. You are able to find your keys whenever and wherever you misplaced them.

A key finder is a great solution to prevent losing car keys, yet, we recommend you not to rely on them. We suggest always to get prepared with a backup. In case the remote control of your key finder fails to respond, the gadget on your keyring will not beep. If your gadget doesn’t beep, you can’t get a signal location of your keys. However, we still recommend a key finder gadget for your key ring.

Purchase Wall Key Holder

Wall Key HolderWhen you arrive at your home, the best thing you can do is to place your keys on a wall key holder. By creating this habit, you would never misplace your keys at your home. No matter if this is your house key or your car key, a wall key holder is a great solution to keep tracking the location of your keys at your home.

We recommend hanging your new wall key holder near your main door. When you come to your home, you can easily hang your key chain on your wall key holder. With this in mind, it will also help you to prevent emergency house lockout incidents. You simply wouldn’t forget to grab your keys on the way out of your home.

Add A Big Key Holder To Your Key Ring

Big Key ChainThis is a wonderful way to know where your keys are at all times, especially when you are out of your home. You can find your keys easily when you attach a big key holder on your key chain. Whether your keys are in your bag, purse, or your pocket, you can always feel them and find them in your belongings.

On the other hand, a big and heavy key chain hanging on your car ignition can be devastating. Heavy key chain hanging on your ignition, can break the wafers and jam the ignition lock of your car. The best solution to avoid this problem is to attach an additional clip on your key ring. You can remove your car key from your key chain, so only your car key will be inside the ignition when driving.

More Tips To Prevent Losing Your Keys

Purchase Spiral Stretch Key Chain

Tips To Prevent Losing Your Keys

A spiral stretch key chain is a great idea when you go out of your home. You can simply use the clip to attach the key chain to the belt ring of your jeans. Your benefit by using a spiral stretch key chain is you clip it to your jeans and insert the key in your pocket.

In addition, a spiral stretch key chain is also good for a time of driving. You simply clip it to your jeans and using the key in the ignition while driving. This will also prevent you from getting locked out of your car.

Make A Spare Car Key

Tips To Prevent Losing Your Keys A spare car key is the best backup in case you lose your car key. When you have a spare car key, you can prevent an emergency car lockout situation. With this in mind, also if you lose one of your car keys, you still be able to drive your car. A spare car key in hand prevents an emergency car key replacement service.

In addition, it is cheaper to take care of a spare car key while you still have one working key in hand. We can simply avoid the cost of the key code and get the cuts out of your working car key. Feel free to call us if you want to make a spare car key. We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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