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Are You Repairing a Lock by Yourself?

Repairing Lock YourselfRepairing lock by yourself is not always a good idea. If you are concerning about your security, you would not take lock repair easy. Repairing and aligning locks isn’t always easy, as you think.

Why to put your safety at risk?

The locks on your doors are the first line to stop burglary. When locksmith is installing locks in customer’s property, he consider variety conditions of the main doors to your home; front door, side door, and back door.

That includes:
The measurement of the deadbolt / latch – The measurement of a standard deadbolt or latch in the U.S is 2-3/4″ and 2-3/8″.
Deadbolt / latch diameter.
Lock face diameter.
Bolt / latch alignment with the door frame.
Pressure on the mechanism and the screws.

If a lock is not properly installed, it won’t protect you!

When you install a lock by yourself, you don’t consider all the aspects concerning your security. Installing your lock without aligning it with the frame, causing pressure on the bolt until eventually, it break. Tightening the screws too much will cause the same problem.

Installing lock properly means you can operate it easy and it hard to break, so it can stop force entry attempt. Calling professional locksmith service at LockTech24/7 solve these problems for you.

Why don’t you call a  Professional Locksmith?

When you need to repair your car, you leave it in the mechanic shop. You don’t take your engine apart trying to repair it by yourself. It is more importantly to a broken Camelot Lockset. Camelot Handset has many spring and little part that necessary to operate the lock.

Calling LockTech24/7, Professional Locksmith can save you time and money in the long run. LockTech24/7 is a local mobile locksmith company serving Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton PA.

Our locksmith comes to your location and working on-site in our mobile locksmith shop. We are repairing, installing and aligning locks and mechanism. LockTech24/7 locksmiths can fresh install a new deadbolt on your door, drilling the holes from scratch.

Installing locks and security hardware on the right way, means security and safety. A lock that installed correctly stop burglars at your front door, protecting you, your family, and your assets.

Please enter our pages of Lock Repair Service and Lock Installation Services

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  • Bablofil

    Thanks, great article.

    • Esther

      I have been trying to fix my lock on the front door and you helped me reading your tips page. That was awesome, I love this blog. Thank you, I’ll try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your web site?

  • Minda

    Yeah, my husband tried to repair the lock on our main door by himself and he got it all wrong. We finally ended up calling a local locksmith, just to find out he damage the lock beyond repair, so we finally paid more to fix the problem.

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