Repairing Ignition Locks – Funny Video

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During a day of shopping, you went back to your car just to find out that your ignition lock is broke. You try to turn in to ON position, but with no luck. Your ignition is stuck on the OFF position! At this moment, you roll your eyes trying to think about the best solution for your ignition problem.

You call your friends and your family asking for advice. No one can give you advice that could help to start your car. Fortunately, one of them advised you to spray WD40 inside the ignition cylinder. Luckily, you’ve found someone who has WD40 in his car, so you spray WD40 inside the ignition cylinder. You wait excited for the result, but nothing helps, and you still not able to turn your ignition lock.

Repairing Ignition Locks


Repairing Ignition Locks

At this time, we recommend you to call our ignition lock repair specialists. Not just we can arrive quickly at your location, but we can also repair your ignition lock in a time fashion. We can arrive within twenty minutes, depending on distance, and we would furnish solution to get you back on the road, as soon as possible.

We serve the Lehigh Valley, PA, so it doesn’t matter where are you located, Fogelsville, Coopersburg, or Martins Creek. Our auto locksmiths are always ready to help new customers, at any time of the day.

Call our local number to save your time and your money, call us whenever you need to repair your ignition lock, whether you are stranded on the road or waiting for us at your home. Let us, an ignition repair specialists to deal with your ignition problems. Don’t try to do it yourself because there are many parts involving your ignition switch that can go bad and make it a greater problem. For instance; the immobilizer transmitter and antenna behind your ignition lock.

This Is Not The Way To Repair Ignition Lock

As you can see in this video, this is not the correct way to repair the ignition lock, although it may be funny. Repairing ignition lock with a doorknob not necessarily can start your car. Today, when most of the vehicles required a computer chip to be programmed to the vehicle, a house key cannot start the vehicle. Yes, we know, you can glue a programmed chip on your house key, but it won’t start long before it fell and you lose it again.


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Repairing Ignition Locks, Correctly

We, at LockTech24/7 repairing ignition locks, correctly. We can get the correct ignition lock regardless of you’re vehicle year, brand, and model. Besides, we would install your ignition lock, so the problem does not repeat.

When you call our emergency key ignition locksmith experts, you have peace in mind that the job is done right. Don’t hesitate to call us as soon as possible. Our locksmiths are ready for your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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