Proximity Smart Keyfob Replacement

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Proximity Smart Keyfob Replacement

Proximity Smart Keyfob Replacement

Are you driving a new car which has push-to-start ignition and you lost the key?

Do you have a smart proximity keyfob to start your car instead of an actual key?

If so, you have just arrived at the right place!

LockTech24/7 is a leading automotive key replacement and duplication. We are mobile locksmiths, so we can reach your location wherever you’re located in the Lehigh Valley. Whether you’re in Allentown, Bethlehem, or Easton, we can arrive after 20 minutes of your call.

Push To Start Ignition Key

If you have push-to-start ignition, you need a proximity smart keyfob in order to start your car. How convenient it can be when you don’t need an actual key to turn the ignition lock of your vehicle and to drive away? Yet, because we have no actual key to our car, we need to be careful not to lose the key.

In general, a proximity smart keyfob replacement is more expensive than a replacement of a transponder key. Yet, we at LockTech24/7, are trying to stay low as we can to provide the proximity keyfob of your vehicle. This includes cutting ther service key, as well as programming the key fob in order to run your car.

Don’t Be Mistaken With A Keyless Entry Remote

A proximity smart keyfob is a different remote than a keyless entry remote. Yet, they both can be on the same electrical board that operates your car. We know, it’s quite confusing because it looks the same, you operate your car with the same keyfob.

The difference between a keyless entry remote to a proximity smart car key is if it starts the engine. A proximity smart keyfob transmits signals to the computer through the immobilizer, so as the computer control your car, it releases all your car systems. A keyless entry remote controls on the alarm system of your car.

If the alarm system of your car made by the manufacturer, then the electronic chip of your key will control your alarm system. But… if you have an aftermarket alarm system, then you must disable it or provide a keyless remote in order to start your car.

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