Losing Car Key In The Snow

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Losing Car Key In The Snow

Losing Car Key In The Snow

Losing car key in the snow can be very annoying. Perhaps, you already know the feeling of losing car key in the snow.

It’s early morning, you and get ready to work. It was heavy snowing night, and everything is covered by the white sparkling frozen crystals. You watch at the window and you saw your car covered with lots of snow. While you’re boiling hot water for coffee, you get out o shovel the snow out of your car.

When you arrive to your car, you look for the key in your pocket, but is nowhere to be found.  You walk back on your path, step by step, looking for the key, but you can’t see it anywhere. You even search it, digging your hand in the snow, maybe you’ll find it. Not just you couldn’t find your key, but you also don’t have a spare key to your car. With this in mind, you start to think about your options.

What are you gonna do?

Maybe call your boss, telling him you can’t come today to work because you’ve lost your car key?

Or maybe the best thing to do is to call an automotive locksmith who can provide car key services, on site?

Most of Automotive locksmiths provide automotive lockout services, only. Why to pay twice to two different professionals, while you can save your money to open your car, by dealing with only one locksmith?

Losing car key in the snow, can be very frustrating, but on the other hand, you can get over this problem with an ease.

Lost Car Keys Replacement Service

LockTech24/7 locksmiths are here to help you with any scenario of losing your car keys. We’re mobile professional locksmiths, driving to your location, and cutting a new car key on site. If your car need transponder key or high security laser cut key, we can help, too.

We stock in our mobile locksmith shops, a wide stock of inventory of car keys, so you can rest assure, we have your car key. When it comes to automotive keys service, you want to deal with the best. As for today, most of cars has anti-theft system, involved a transponder chip key that a locksmith need to program to your car.

We’re working 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. So, if you need 24 hour emergency locksmith, we can be there for you. So, whenever you lose your car key in the snow, please call us.

Searching Your Car Key In The Snow

When you lose your car key in the snow, it probably won’t be an easy task to find it, but with a little bit of luck, you can find it. Look at the snow that covers the ground, it smooth like a powder and you can see your steps clearly on the snow.

The first thing to do is to walk back on your steps, looking right and left. If your car key fell on the path you’ve walked from your home to your car, you might see a “hole” in the snow on the side of your steps. When you spot hole in the snow, reach your hands and feel if the key is inside there.

We don’t recommend to plow the snow with a shovel or a snow blower because you can move the key without paying attention. In this case, you can lose the key without a chance to find it.

Never Stop Hoping To Find Your Lost Car Key

Funny story that happened to me in the summer of 2014, when I arrived to make a car to customer who lost his key in the snow, a year ago. That was his second car, so he wasn’t hurry to make a new key. My customer couldn’t say where he lost his key in the snow, so he didn’t know where to look for it.

While I started to work in my mobile shop, cutting his new car key, his brother ran out, and the lost key in his hands. He explained that he worked on the front yard, cleaning and organizing, moving several rocks from side to side. After the snow completely melt down, he found the car key under a rock, while working in the back yard. So, never stop believe, maybe you’ll find your car key, too.

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