Locksmith For Evictions

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Locksmith For Evictions

Locksmith For Evictions

Locksmith for evictions is needed for many reasons. Almost every landlord got into a trouble with at least one of his tenants. Also when you check the steady income of your future tenant and you make a background check and tenant screening, you simply can’t secure your payments 100% in the long run.

Life is tough and people change their life, sometimes often. Every landlord hopes to have a good tenant who pays on time and keep the property as it belongs to him. Unfortunately, life takes us to different directions, and not just your tenant stops paying, but he also refuses to leave your property.

One day I’ve got a call for eviction in Allentown. A nice lady welcomed me on the street, telling me the tenant refuses to leave the house. She asked me to pick one of the locks of her front or back door.

I verified her details after her signing on the invoice, I started to check her doors. The options to pick the lock on the front door were not high, so I suggested to check the back door. We went to the back gate, it was locked of course. 2 angry pit-bulls welcomed us in the back gate. I was looking on the walls of the house, I saw surveillance cameras, everywhere.

While I’m considering my options, I saw a guy from the window pointing to his gun. It needless to say that I immediately told my customer that I’m leaving the place and she better deal with it in the court. And that what I did.

Before Calling A Locksmith For Eviction

  1. A Proper Reason – You need a proper reason to vacate a tenant. There are many reasons, but why as a landlord you would like to vacate a tenant?  One of the most common reason is a failure to pay rent.
  2. Eviction Notice – As a landlord, you may need to evict a tenant for any reason. The first step in the process to consider is an Eviction Notice. By law, you have to tell your tenant to vacate the property. An Eviction Notice is a part of the eviction process, and you can’t just demand your tenant to vacate the property. You need a Court Order.
  3. File Your Eviction In The Court – You cannot evict a tenant without a court order. Visit your local courthouse to file your eviction. You may pay fees and waste some time in the court. But think about the energy, time, and money this tenant cost you every month.
  4. Evicting The Tenant – If everything goes well in court, then your tenant will have to leave the property.  He will get a set amount of time to leave, anywhere from 48 hours… You can never know, depending on the State and county you live, not to mention… your tenant.
  5. If your tenant doesn’t leave on time the judge ordered him, you have the right to get a cop from the Police / Sheriff’s department to escort your eviction. It’s definitely not the best situation, but it does happen.

Locksmith For Evictions – 1 Year Later

1 year later, I’ve got another call for eviction of a house in Allentown. The address rings the bell, but I wasn’t sure. I arrived at the address and the same lady welcomed me with 2 cops. The eviction is on, but the tenant refuses to leave with his dogs.

After a long time of discussion with the cops, they told him if he doesn’t leave, he’ll be arrested. He finally took his dogs and left the house. I immediately re-keyed all the locks of this house, while 2 officers escort the event.

Your Certified Local Locksmith For Evictions

For any eviction event on time, please call us and schedule an appointment. We’re available 24/7, so you can also call us early morning. LockTech24/7 locksmiths help many Landlords and Real Estate Agencies to evict tenants across the Lehigh Valley PA. Whether you need a locksmith to Evict a tenant from your apartment, house, or your commercial property, we’re here to help.

Know Your Rights

A tenant should know his rights when he rent a new home to leave in. And also a landlord should know his rights when he evicts a tenant out of his property. Anyway, when there is no solution, and eviction takes place, please call us for help. In addition, we can also help you when you buy a house in foreclosure. When you need a locksmith for house foreclosure, please call LockTech24/7

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