I Have A Key But I Can’t Open My Door

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I Have A Key But I Can’t Open My Door

I Have A Key But I Can't Open My Door

Do you have your key in hand, but you’re unable to unlock your door?

There are many reasons why a key suddenly stops working on a lock or the door jammed close hard. In time, locks and key can get wear and tear or the door can get out of alignment with the door frame. These issues can cause problems when you want to unlock your door.

Generally speaking, you may feel some differences in time when you operate your lock and your door. Usually, the issue starts with a minor problem, and it gets big in time until the door or the lock get completely jammed.

We would like to post here the reasons and the solutions for issues with your lock or your door. With this in mind, whenever you’re unable to unlock your door, we will be happy to assist you, please call us as soon as possible.

I Have A Key But I Can’t Open My Door Because…

When you have the right key in hand, but you’re unable to unlock your door, the first thing you need to determine if the issue comes from the lock, or the frame. We will try to guide you step by step to solve this problem. You can follow these steps in order to find out the problem:

I can’t insert the key all the way inside the cylinder

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the weather. How is the weather today? Is it cold outside below the freezing temperature? If you answered yes to this question, your lock might be frozen! Sometimes, especially after raining day and dropped temperature below freezing, the water that got in your cylinder gets frozen, too. This can cause your lock to freeze. In this case, we recommend to spray with WD-40 inside the cylinder and then try again to operate your lock.

If you still unable to insert the key all the way in, please look inside the cylinder with a flashlight, do you see any broken piece of something inside the cylinder? In this case, please call us and we will try to remove that broken piece out of your lock’s cylinder. Please don’t try to remove it yourself, otherwise, you can push that broken piece further inside your lock.

The key goes inside the cylinder, but I can’t turn the cylinder right or left

If you can’t turn the cylinder right or let (lock or unlock), are you sure this is the right key? Many people get confused because they have many keys, most of them are looked alike. If you are sure this is the right key, please try to jiggle wiggle the key inside the lock in order to unlock it. You can also try to jiggle the door a little bit to find out if there is a pressure on the latch or the bolt.

If you can turn the key inside the lock, is it spinning constantly? Can you try to turn the key 360 degrees inside the lock? In this case, probably, the tailpiece of the lock or the door mechanism are broken. You can call us anytime you suspicious your lock is broken. Don’t hesitate to call us during a day, or late at night.

I need to jiggle the door every time I lock or unlock

This problem can happen when the door is misaligned with the frame. During the time, because winter and summer, the door can be misaligned with the frame. We can easily solve this problem for you and align the bolt with the striking plate on your frame. Don’t wait too long until a real damage occurs and the lock gets broken. When you say I have a key but I can’t open my door, please call us in your convenience to solve this issue for couple more years.

I always need to jiggle the key inside the lock in order to lock or unlock

This is a common problem for most people. This issue happens because you made a key copied out of another copied key. You may know that every time you make a copy to your key, there are tiny differences within the cuts on the key’s shank.

Please remember, when you make the third generation of copy to your key, you may need to jiggle the key inside the cylinder. If you made the sixth generation of key copy, the key may stop eventually to work on your lock. Please use only the original key to make a copy. Do not copy a new key out of another copied key. This problem can make you say: “I have a key but I can’t open my door”

We Solve Your Lock and Key Problems in the Lehigh Valley

When you say these words I have a key but I can’t open my door, you may be assured that our lock and key experts are able to assist you any time you may have an issue with your lock or your key. Whether you need a locksmith in Bethlehem, a locksmith in Easton, or a locksmith in Allentown, we’re here to help. It doesn’t matter if you encourage problem to unlock your door because the key is worn out, broke, or missing. It also no matter if id the bolt is jammed in the frame and you’re unable to open your door.

We’re mobile locksmiths and we serve the entire Lehigh Valley, PA. This includes Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and the surrounding areas. We cover automotive lock and key issues, as well as residential lock and key issues, and commercial lock and key issues. When your door to your office is jammed there might be different issues that we mentioned above. In a case you need a professional commercial locksmith to come for your aid, we’re able to help you, in no time.

When you call us and you say “I have a key but I can’t open my door”, you may know that we provide fast lockout services. Whether you’re unable to unlock the door of your car, house, or business, we can help.

Call our emergency locksmith now and receive the fastest lockout service that you can imagine. Please call us at (484) 547-7345

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