How Much is a New Car Key Cost

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How Much is a New Car Key Cost?

How Much is a New Car Key Cost

Perhaps, you lost your only car key and you need an automotive locksmith to cut a new key by your vin number.

Today, almost every car need a transponder key or a key fob in order to start the car. This also includes push-to-start ignitions. We at LockTech24/7 carry almost all automotive smart key fobs belong to almost all car brand and model. If you wonder what is the cost to replace your car key, here is an example of the cost of 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer key remote. This cost is only to purchase the key without purchasing the key code and pin code of your car, locksmith’s labor, paying tokens on the programming machines, and other expenses, depending on car year, brand, and model. Yet, we at LockTech24/7 try to stay low as we can.

Car Key Price is Vary

When you need a car key replacement service, the price varies from car to car. Not only the brand and model of your car is important, but also the year make of your car. This is especially needed to be considered when you need a transponder chip key or a push-to-start ignition key fob in order to start the engine of your vehicle.

We recommend you to call us for an estimate of your car key cost. You would be surprised to hear our affordable car key services. Tell us your car year, brand, and model, and we would be happy to furnish the exact cost of your car key replacement service. We promise… we don’t believe in hidden fees, nor a “starting price.” Here, we quote you upfront, hassle-free.

Don’t Be Fooled by a $90-$120 for a Transponder or a Smart Car Key

Yes, there is no $90 car key service, unless we can get your car key code or key cuts for free! And this still depends on your car year, brand, and model. If you lost all the keys for your car, don’t be manipulated by a very low price that was created just to dig your pocket. Most of the car today require a transponder car key or a smart key fob. Many cars required also a pin-code. In addition, we pay tokens on the programming machine. A legit locksmith know the expenses to make your car key! Any locksmith can quote you upfront! So we do at LockTech24/7, we’re quoting you upfront! Call our car key locksmith service now to find the exact cost to replace your transponder car key or proximity key fob.

We Provide Low Car Key Services As Well As Good Quality Of Products

Our auto locksmiths believe in a fair business environment. This is the reason why we quote affordable locksmith services across the Lehigh Valley of Eastern Pennsylvania. Whether you drive a new vehicle or an old vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our car key locksmiths always ready for your call. You can rely on LockTech24/7 when you need a car key and auto immobilizer service. This includes cutting and programming key, as well as repairing ignition locks. In short, we can get you back on the road in no time. This is when you want to call LockTech24/7.


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