Where Do You Hide A Spare Key?

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Where Do You Hide Spare Key?

Hide Spare KeyYou can prevent house lock out situations by hiding a spare key around your house. You can also give a copy to relative, but not sure he will be close by when you need to get your spare key back in emergency.

Many times, I’m coming to open doors for customers who locked out of their homes. When I am arriving, I see big beautiful house with front and backyard surrounded by a fence. Private single or double garage space with above the head garage door and garage door opener.

Excellent conditions to hide a spare car key that can save your day and your money in the long run.

Few times, I asked the customer why he don’t hide a spare key in his garage?
The common answer is “we thought about it”.

Your locked private garage space is just like another room in the house. In most cases you are able to access your garage also if you’re locked out of your home. If you feel safe to leave a spare key in the kitchen or the bedroom, you should feel safe to leave a spare key inside the garage as well.

Hide Spare Key in Your Backyard

Look at the header image of this page, this is an excellent idea to hide your spare key in the backyard. You can create hidden spots of your own around the house, with signs of only you and your family knows.

You can dig and hide a key underground, cover with sand and put plant or stone on it. There are many ideas to hide spare key to your home and to prevent residential lockout situations.

When you are locked out of your home and need a quick lock out assistance, please call us and we will unlock your door within 20-30 minutes. You can also visit our Residential Lockout Services.

All you need is to be careful!

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    Sometimes you hide spare keys and you forget the place and you have already lose your one key. At that time Locksmith’s help is very important to get the duplicate of the key.

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