Duplicating Keys From A Copied Key

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Duplicating Keys From A Copied Key

Duplicating Keys From A Copied Key

Duplicating keys from a copied key is the most common mistake that everybody does. Every time you make a duplication of key out of a copied key, there are very tiny differences on the key cuts.

There are hundreds of key cutting and duplicating machines in the market. But it needless to say that no one of them can cut the key as accurate as the original key.

With this in mind, many times we get calls of a broken lock, and when our locksmith arrives on scene, he found out that the key is made out after several generation of copies. It’s important to remember; after 3 generations of key copies, the “new cut key” that you have in hand won’t open the lock smoothly. You have to giggle wiggle the key inside the cylinder in order to operate the lock. And more likely after the 5th generation of key copy, “the new cut key” won’t open the lock, at all.

Where Is The Original Key Of Your Lock?

When you purchase a new lock, you get 2 original keys in the pack. You can recognize your original keys by the logo of the company that imprinted on the head of the key. On the other side of the head of the key, you may find the an imprinted 5 or 6 numbers of the cuts of the key. Also it may be true, Kwikset, for instance, is one of a brand lock name that doesn’t imprint the numbers of the key cuts, but the logo, only.

When you have to giggle wiggle the key inside the cylinder in order to unlock your door, and you can’t find your original keys, you may call a locksmith. This problem can occur with your auto keys, house keys, and business keys.

Key Copies & Lock Re-keys

A professional locksmith can fix this problem for you, easily. You don’t need to replace the lock, but to re-key it once again. Mobile locksmith technician comes to your home or your business and doing everything from uninstalling the locks, re-keying, and installing back on your doors.

When a locksmith is re-keying your lock, he match the pins to the key cuts. In this case, the key back to work normally, as it’s the original.

When you purchase a new lock or completed a re-keying service in your home, you should mark the key and treat it as an original key. With this intention, you can glue a small sticker on the key. You can cut hundreds of copied from your original key, as long as the professional cut it well, it will work fine.

For one thing you need to be careful, if you need to giggle wiggle the key, don’t struggle. Be careful not to break the key in the cylinder. The last thing you want is house lockout scenario. Spray WD-40 inside the cylinder, that could help, too.

And last key point to mention is call us to service your lock and key. There is no need to struggle with your lock every time you want to lock or unlock your door. Our locksmiths will solve your lock and key issue as quick as it can be.


It is not recommended to make copy of keys out of a key copy. We recommend to keep at least one original key handy, and in a safe place. When you need an extra key copy of your home, you may do it with this key. As long as you never lost you keys, and the lock works fine, it is a waste of money to re-key a lock once again for such common mistake.

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