Car Lockout Service Provide By The Police

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Car Lockout Service Provide By The Police

Are you locked out of your car and you called the police to unlock your car? Please stop!

Did you know; in every 10 times we arrive in car lockout incidents, at least one of them was visited by a cop, AAA roadside assistance, or any other towing truck driver. We know car lockout service should take no longer than 5-10 minutes, but how would you feel if the cop that came to help you struggled with your car for hours and damaged the door or the frame?

For a professional locksmith, a car lockout service should be fast, smooth, and easy. This is not the case when you call the police or roadside service. In the last 10 years, we arrived many times to help customers and found a cop or AAA driver trying to unlock the car for over one hour. Not before damaging the door and the frame. (Please see the top picture)

Car Lockout Service Provide By The Police Can Damage Your Car

When you get a car lockout service provided by the police, you’re risking damaging your car. With this in mind, you also wait a long time until the cop can figure out how to unlock your vehicle. It’s very often we can find the cop damaged a car, trying to unlock the door.

Please remember; that in several counties in Pennsylvania cops are forbidden to unlock cars unless this is a life-threatening situation, for instance; if you lock yourself out of your car and your little kid or your pet are locked in the car. This is because many people sued the police for the repair cost of fixing the damage to the door. Not just did those people seek a free lockout service, but they also sued the police that tried to help them get in the vehicle.

Roadside Assistance Service Providers

We heard the same about tow-truck drivers and AAA roadside assistance service providers. In most cases, we get the phone call hours after they tried to unlock the car and only after the damage has been done.

Sometimes, we arrive to unlock a car that a roadside assistance pro is still on-site, trying to unlock the car in the last hour, with no success. Eventually, the customer realizes that a locksmith might be a better solution. When we arrive, unlocking the car in 2-5 minutes, our customer is very impressed.

Why let an unprofessional person unlock your car and damage it?

You may call a roadside assistant when you have a flat tire, you need to charge your car’s battery, or you’re out of gas. In addition, you also may call a roadside assistance service provider when your car has a mechanical issue. It’s important to realize, that an AAA roadside assistant provider, or a mechanic, is not a professional locksmith.

Do You Have Roadside Assistance Service In Your Car’s Insurance Policy?

If you’re full coverage on your car insurance, you can get reimbursement when you submit a locksmith’s bill, to0. With this in mind, you can refuse to accept a car lockout service made by a tow truck driver, mechanic, or AAA service provider.

You may call our professional automotive locksmiths and rest assured you are covered, too. So, in a case of a car lockout situation, put your trust in our 24/7 professional automotive locksmiths.

Professional Car Lockout Assistance | LockTech24/7

We are professional locksmiths! All we do is locksmithing! We do not arrest people and keep the streets crime-free. We are neither helping drivers on the roads change a tire nor replacing the battery of customers’ cars. This is the reason why we are able to unlock cars within minutes, not hours.

When you need professional car lockout assistance, you may call us for help. With this in mind, we provide 24/7  automotive lockout services in Bethlehem, Allentown, and Easton. Not just do we arrive fast at your car, but we also unlock cars fast. This is the reason why you rely on our automotive lockout professionals. With efficiency, courtesy, and reliable prices, you can never get wrong.

We serve the Lehigh Valley and beyond, depending on our availability. Yet, don’t hesitate to call us at any time, day or night. When you call us, you don’t need to wait hours until we come and you don’t need to wait for us to unlock your car for a long time.

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