Laser Cut Car Keys Made On-Site

Laser Cut Car Keys

Laser cut car keys or high-security car keys are different than plunge cut car keys. Plunge-cut car keys are the standard or the traditional cut car keys that we all know. Our professional car locksmith will furnish a new laser-cut key to your car. 

Laser-cut car keys look different from plunge-cut keys. This means the wafers in the lock cylinder are different from plunge-cut keys. Taking care of high-security vehicle locks is more complicated than standard cut/plunge cut keys. In many cases, high-security locks have split wafers while standard locks have full single wafers on each spot.

Broken Laser Cut Car Key Replacement

Yes, also high-security car keys or laser-cut keys can break! In fact, any key can break because of wear and tear, whether it is a laser cut or plunge cut key. This is the reason why you better take care of a spare car key at all times.

We, at LockTech24/7 can replace your broken laser cut key with your VIN number. This means, not just we can duplicate high-security car keys, but we can also cut the high-security car keys from scratch. As we call it a “fresh-cut.” When we cut your key by code, it’s like you got your key from the manufacturer.

A broken laser cut key replacement becomes easy when you call us in Lehigh Valley, PA. When you think high security & laser-cut car keys, you think LockTech24/7.

Lost Laser Cut Car Key Replacement

When you break your laser cut key, you can make a duplicate out of the two broken pieces. But when you lose a laser-cut car key, you must have your key cut by the VIN number of your vehicle.

A lost car key is not a big issue when you call our mobile auto locksmiths for help. We will come to your location, wherever you’re in the Lehigh Valley, right now, and we will cut and program a new laser cut key to your vehicle.

Wherever you lose your car key, we are able to arrive and get you back on the road in a short time. Whenever you need a mobile lost laser cut key replacement, we are ready for your challenge. Call now!

Program High-Security Chipped Keys On-Site

The laser-cut car key is only one part of the security features involved in high-security car keys. Most of the time, you can find a tiny computer chip that needs to be programmed into your car.

Sometimes, we get a call from a customer who got his car key made in Home Depot, Lowes, or Ace Hardware. When we arrive on the scene, we find the key our customers had in hand is the wrong key. This means it is a mechanical key instead of a transponder chip key. In addition, because you deal with unprofessional people in the hardware stores, you can also get a transponder chip key, but with the wrong chip. In this case, we will not be able to program your key unless we cut and program the right key that fits your car.

Do not waste your time! Why let unprofessional people deal with the security of your vehicle?

Laser Cut Keys VS Plunge Cut Keys

When you call us to help to replace your car key, you gain a huge benefit from having a locksmith in your location. Our mobile car key shop is fully equipped with the latest cutting and programming machines. With this in mind, we also carry advanced locksmith tools.

Also if you lost all your car keys, we are still able to make a new key to your vehicle. We can get your vehicle key code by your VIN number. Since we get the codes, we can cut and program a new key to your car. Let our car key experts help you as soon as possible. We can be on-site for as little as twenty minutes.

In addition, when you call us to make a new key to your car, you don’t need to tow your car to a local dealership. Think about the moment when we show up on your driveway to make a new key while you enjoy the evening with your kids. You can keep your day while we furnished a new transponder laser cut key.

We can make the following laser-cut car keys:

A mobile lost car keys replacement service, whether you need a laser-cut key or plunge-cut key, we can help. And whether you need a chip key to program or a keyfob, we would be happy to help.

With this in mind, you may remember we also provide high-quality of keys, locks, and security hardware.