Burglar’s Home Made Spare Key

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Burglars Home Made Spare Key

Burglar Home Made Spare KeyNo, it’s not a scene from some horror film. Without needing the help of anybody, under 10 minutes, a burglar can make a copy of your house key, without you noticing the situation.

YES, it works!

It’s possible to copy a key from a plastic bottle or Tic Tac candy pack. In most cases, this key will open your home without forced entry sign.

Imagine you are in a party with your friends, you hang your jacket on the wall and your house keys are in your jacket pocket. A stranger notices your unattended jacket and swipes the keys to your home for ten minutes. It is enough time to make a spare key out of your house keys.

After he done, he can put your house key back in your jacket pocket without you feeling anything wrong just happens minutes ago. From this point, the risk to burglary attempt risk to your home is pretty high.

The risks this carries are obvious. It will only take a couple of careless seconds for the thief, the curious neighbor, or the jealous former girl- or boyfriend to make a copy of your key and create a functional prison key to your home.

All It Takes:

House Key
Plastic Bottle or Old Credit Card
Scotch Tape

How Do They Do That?

Warming the key with the lighter or matches until it get heavy black soot on it.
Cooling down for 2 minutes
Putting the sticky side of the scotch tape on the key, glue it thight.
Removing the tape, the black shape of the key stick to it.
Gluing the tape on a small piece of a plastic bottle and cut it by the line.

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