Before You Try to Remove a Broken Key

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Before You Try to Remove a Broken Key

Before You Try to Remove a Broken Key

There are a few things you need to know before you try to remove a broken key from a lock. Please read this post first, before you unintentionally jam the key deeper inside your lock. The major idea is to pull a broken key out of a lock cylinder. Therefore, you must to find a tool like a needle to insert it behind the broken key.

A broken key in a lock can feel like an emergency scenario. Actually, in most cases, it is an emergency scenario. A key can break off because a tiny crack, and when you least expected. It’s important to remember that every scenario of a broken key is slightly different, depending on how much of the key is stuck in the lock. Sometimes, you should be able to pull it out, and sometimes you would need a help of professional locksmith. There is no an exact science to extract a broken key out of a lock! Not just you can use different tools, but you can also use different methods.

Do Not Use Plier or a Screwdriver

If the key shank does not stick a little out of the cylinder of your lock, don’t try to hold a grip with a plier. Using a plier, would definitely push the further in. In addition, many people’s try and use the remaining half of the key in conjunction with the broken half to try and open the lock even after the key breaks.

Be careful! The further you push the broken piece into the lock, the more difficult it will be to remove. In addition, you can also damage the lock. Does your broken key has been jammed deeply inside the lock? We recommend to cal us for help.

Key Extraction Service

We provide broken key extraction service for automotive, residential, and commercial clients. Extracting broken key is our expertise. We handle any broken key extraction task, so before you try to remove a broken key and do a further damage, please call our service number as soon as possible.

Working with professional broken key removal tools is the way to remove a broken key out of a lock cylinder, safely. We have all the key removal kits in order to help you in no time.

Broken Automotive Key Removal

Our automotive locksmiths cover any car year, brand, and model. In addition, after removing the broken key out of your lock, we are able to cut and program a new key to your vehicle. Call us any time you may have an issue with a broken key.

Broken House Key Removal

When the key to your home break inside the lock of your front door, it can catch you early morning or late at night. We provide 24/7 emergency broken key removal services, so if you need our residential locksmith come to the rescue, early morning, or late at night, we can help.

Broken Office Key Removal

A key to your office has been used for long time. After a while of using that key, and out of ware and tare, your key snapped and broke inside your lock. There is no reason to get panicked. You can simply call us and we will come to remove your broken key, as soon, as possible. Our commercial locksmith experts available day and night.

As you can read above, we have the tools to help you with a broken key scenario. So before you try to remove a broken key, call the professionals at LockTech24/7 for help. We serve the entire Lehigh Valley PA and beyond.

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