6 Steps To Secure Your New Home

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6 Steps To Secure Your New Home

6 Steps To Secure Your New Home

We would like to share an interesting information with you to help you secure your home.  People doesn’t move often, from one house to another. Before you sign no the contract, we highly recommend to check the crime rate of the neighborhood you would like to live in. Checking crime rate is crucial for peace in your life. You would not be happy to find out that you made a bad deal because you purchased house in a bad area with high crime rate.

Regardless to the area, it always good to have your home secured, while you and your loved ones can stay safe. It’s important to mention that sometimes, We get a call from home owners who lives in this house many years without re-keying the locks, even once. This is a major security issue that can lead to disaster.

Please Follow These 5 Steps In Order To Secure Your Home

  1. Re-key Your Locks – Re-keying your locks is the first and fastest step that should be take as soon after moving in a new home. Call locksmith soon after moving in your home. The average time frame to call a locksmith after moving in is 72 hours.
  2. Replace Old Locks – Look at the locks on your door, how it looks like? Is the color fade away? Is the lock cylinder looks like is too worn,? Can you can giggle wiggle the key? And more importantly, is the lock works properly? If you could answer positively on one of the questions above, it’s about the right time to replace the locks on your doors.
  3. Repair Broken Locks – Repairing broken locks is necessary in order to save money. Many times, a minor issue with the lock can be repaired as it’s a new lock.
  4. Check All The Windows – Some of the windows in your new home may looks like they are shut, but they are not locked. In other windows, the locks doesn’t work properly. You may check each and every window and repair or replace your window locks, as you need. A professional locksmith, can install new locks on your windows.
  5. Install Motion Sensor Lights In Dark Spots Around Your House – When a criminal wants to break in house, he gather intelligence and information bout you, and the weakness spots around your home. He does it especially during the evenings or the nights. You may install motion sensor lights to save on electric bill and strength dark spots that the criminal can hide, and not been seen.
  6. Install Security Cameras System (CCTV) – After installing CCTV System, you have recording and evidence, in case of someone break in your home. Many of the surveillance camera systems are also connected via wi-fi. That gives you the benefit of watching your home on your laptop, anywhere around the world.

Local Residential Locksmith Services

By following these 5 simple steps can gain you control back on your assets and the safety of your family. Using professional locksmith services can gain you peace in mind that everything done well by professionals. There is no better feeling than feeling secured in your own home.

LockTech24/7 residential locksmiths ready to help you securing your home. We stock all kind of residential locks in order to finish the job on the spot. As we are mobile locksmiths, we can do it all for you. Our locksmiths available 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and high holidays.

Don’t let a burglar to win this matter! Don’t become a number in the statistic of crime rate in your area. You should always be 2 steps ahead of any criminal. Upgrade the security of your home now before its too late.

You have several ways to secure your home in a cheap way. Yet, we recommend you to call us any time you need a professional locksmith service. We always available and usually we can come out within 20 minutes of your call. Your satisfaction in 100% guaranteed. LockTech24/7 is registered, bonded, and insured to protect your property.

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