5 Reasons To Use A Mobile Locksmith

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5 Reasons To Use A Mobile Locksmith Services

5 reasons to use a mobile locksmithWhen you lock yourself out of your home or your vehicle, you may need a mobile locksmith to come to your aid. When it comes to lockout services, you also need an emergency locksmith service. It’s also important to remember when you need professional locksmith services in your home or your business, you don’t need to go to a local locksmith store.

Calling a mobile locksmith can benefit you in several ways. Starting with saving your time by not going to a local locksmith shop and saving your money in the long run. As a mobile locksmith who comes  out to your location or your property, I can give you a better and cheaper solution to solve your lock and key issues. A mobile locksmith can also fit the right door hardware if any replacement is needed.

Many of our customers told me after opening their car or their home that they hope they won’t need any locksmith service ever again. But unfortunately, you can never know… Here are few reasons to use a mobile locksmith service in your area:

       1.  24/7 Locksmith Services

Most of the mobile locksmiths work 24 hour a day. A mobile locksmith can come day or night, as well as weekends and high holidays.  All the local locksmith stores work in normal business hours from 9:00Am-5:00PM. That means, if you have lost your car key or if your lock broke during the late evening hours, a local locksmith shop is already closed and no locksmith service is provided.

      2.  Saving Your Time

When you call a mobile locksmith, you simply save your time. Think about the moment when your lock broke off the door. After a long day at work, you came back home, unlocking the door and got in your house. When you lock the deadbolt from inside, something happens, and your lock cylinder is spinning without effecting on the bolt.

Perhaps, you’re asking yourself if to call a local mobile locksmith or to go to a local locksmith shop. If you decided to take the lock off your door and go to a local locksmith shop, you may know that it won’t be your last trip today. Many times, there is a unique solution to your lock problem, and the locksmith need to be on site to address it. Calling LockTech24/7 will assure you to get the job done on the first time.

     3.  Cheaper Locksmith Service

A mobile locksmith don’t have a shop or commercial space for his business. Mobile locksmith usually drives a working van that converted to a mobile locksmith shop. Therefore, a mobile locksmith don’t have rent, electric bill, or any other utility bills. In these circumstances, it easier to keep low rates and affordable prices.

     4. Wide Range of Locksmith Services

A mobile locksmith can do any job on-site. Car key cut & program, lock re-key, repair and replace, as well as complicated security applications are only few on our jobs portfolio. We provide full suite of automotive, commercial, and residential locksmith services.

      5. Availability In Remote Locations

In many cases, you may need a mobile locksmith service in a remote location. For instance; many people come to visit our area for skiing, rafting, hiking, and more. Very often, people losing their only auto keys inside the river, or under the snow. In these cases, a local locksmith shop can’t help you, and you might need a mobile locksmith service, as soon as possible.

LockTech24/7 locksmiths cover 30 miles surrounding the Lehigh Valley, PA. We are here for you, any time, any day, and we can help you, immediately. We are only one phone call away, don’t hesitate to call us.

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  • Ken Hwan

    I like your point that mobile locksmiths will be available in remote locations like mountains. I love adventurous sports like skiing, rafting, and the other ones you mentioned. Because I only have one car key, it’s a good idea to save a locksmith’s number in my phone in case I lose it on one of my adventures.

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