5 Places To Keep A Spare Key

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5 Places To Keep A Spare Key

Where To Hide A Spare Key

Locking yourself out of your home can be very frustrating, especially if it’s at the middle of the night. If you’re lucky, perhaps you gave a spare key to one of your relatives or to a trusted neighbor. When scenario like this happen, and you gave nobody a spare key to your home, you think to call an emergency locksmith who can quickly get you back into your home.

You’re walking around your house, looking for an open window or maybe you left an unlocked door, but you left all doors and windows locked tight. Few impatience people even think to break a window. We recommend you to resist the urge to throw something through a window because this can be very costly, not to mention you need cleaning up broken glass.

This scenario could be avoided altogether with a handy spare key. A spare key will save you from the frustration, as well as time and money associated with locking yourself out of your home. The best solution is to find some places for hiding your spare key. Hiding your spare key under a doormat or under a rock near the front door can be a costly mistake since everybody knows this way of hiding a spare key, especially burglars.

Here Are 5 Places To Keep A Spare Key

With One Of Your Relatives

This is the best solution to keep a spare key, one of your family member. In a case, you lock yourself out of your home, either you can go and pick it up or your family can come and hand it to you. In case you’re locked out of your home, a relative person is always the best choice to get back to your home, as soon as possible.

With a Trusted Neighbor

If you trust any of your neighbors, you should give him a spare key in case of emergencies. Unless he’s not at home, you may be able to retrieve your spare key. A trusted neighbor is always a good option to get back at your home, quickly.

In Your Vehicle

Another good place to hide a spare key to your home is inside your vehicle. In case you’re locked out of your home, unlocking the door of your car is much easier and cheaper to retrieve your key, not to mention faster.

Around Your House

If you think to hide a key around your house, you may be careful nobody watching you doing so. All of us have a secret place around our home, perhaps you have, too. You can hide a spare key, carefully. Where is your secret spot?

In A Lockbox

You can buy a lockbox and hang it on your doorknob, so in case you get locked out, you can insert the pin of your lockbox to retrieve the spare key you put in previously. This is where Real Estate agencies put a spare key to a new property. You can use it too!

24/7 Lockout Service

In the event of locking yourself out and you don’t have a spare key anywhere, you have no other choice but to call a locksmith. A professional lockout specialist can unlock the door of your home with no time. If you’re locked out right now, we are ready on your call. We are available 24-7, including weekend and holidays.

Not just our locksmith can easily unlock your door, but we can also be there with you as short as 20 minutes. Don’t hesitate to give us a call, as soon as possible. When you strained out in the cold, looking for a solution to unlock your home, we can help!

We can get you back to your home very quickly! Our mobile locksmiths serve the entire Lehigh Valley PA. No matter where are you located, Bethlehem, Easton, or Allentown, we can be there fast.

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