15 Minutes Locksmith Service

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15 Minutes Locksmith Service, Can You Come Faster?

15 Minutes Locksmith Service

We are fast locksmiths, offering 15-20 minute response time to your initial call. Yet again, we are fast, but it also depends in some circumstances. Many times, when a customer is calling, requesting an emergency locksmith, he’s asking how long it takes for our locksmith to arrive on site. When we answer 15-20 minutes, the customer asks, can you come faster?

This is a legitimate question for a lockout situation. We know you are impatience and frustrated, this is the reason why we try to provide fast emergency locksmith services. Yet, we’re limited to traffic and rush hours. Most of the day, we’re on the road, so we’re able to provide a faster service. But when you call us early morning, or late at night, it could take a bit longer.

Please be advised, despite the time you need to wait for us to arrive, we are doing our best to be there with you, as soon as we can.

15 Minutes, Can You Come Faster?

With an intention to arrive fast, we do our best to be efficient as we can. Yet, our locksmiths are not waiting around the corner, unless we are serving another customer in your area. With this in mind, we offer 15-20 minute of arriving time from your first call.

When a customer asks us if we can arrive faster, we can only keep doing our best to be there as soon as we can. 99% of the time, we can definitely be there in 15 minutes or less.

Roadside Assistance VS Mobile Locksmith

As a locksmith, I have always been wondered why when people call AAA or any other form of roadside assistance, they can wait hours. The average time of ETA from a national roadside assistance company is between 1-2 hours. But when it comes to ETA from a locksmith, 20 minutes is way too long time to wait for arrival.

In addition to a long waiting time, a national roadside assistance pro can arrive to estimate the service you need, and call for further help. That means you may wait for even more than the first ETA quote. When you call a local locksmith, you get fast and efficient service. For instance, you can get a full service done by one of our locksmiths within one hour of your call!

15-20 Minutes Service Call | Mobile Locksmith Services

When you hear or read the term of a “service call” from a locksmith company, it means the ETA of driving time and gas spent, in order to arrive on site. The rate and ETA of a service call vary from one company to another. You may consider this aspect, too.

We’re the locksmiths you need for fast arrival. In most cases, we can arrive within 15-20 minutes. unless one of our locksmiths just have finished another job around the corner. Most of the time, we can get to your location in a fairly timely manner,

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