Patio Sliding Door Repair Services

Patio Sliding Door Repair

We provide patio sliding door repair services, as well as closet door repair, and bi-fold door repair. You shouldn’t struggle to open and close your sliding door.  With this in mind, when your sliding door works properly, you should be able to open and close your sliding door with your pinky finger.

Operating life with a smooth sliding door could be very pleasant, especially if you use your patio, often. When your family members are coming to visit on the weekend, your grandchildren can go in and out of your backyard, easily, you can see their joy and feel them happy.

We repair sliding patio doors in Easton, Bethlehem, Allentown, and the greater Lehigh Valley, PA. Not just do we arrive at your home with our working truck, but we also replace or repair broken parts of your patio door, on the spot. Whether you need to replace rollers, tracks, handles, or locks, we can help.

Sliding Door Rollers Replacement

Patio Door Rollers Repair

Roll It Smoothly!

When the rollers of your sliding doors are in good condition, you may be able to slide your patio door easily and smoothly. You need to remember that dust, dirt, and mud catch in your rollers. Unfortunately, you can hardly slide your door until you think twice if to open your patio door again.

When you call us, we arrive with all the necessary tools in order to fix your sliding door. Besides repairing the rollers we also provide maintenance to your patio door, so please call us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment and we would send one of our sliding door expert team for an estimate.

Patio Door Track Repairs

Patio Door Tracks Repair

Bump It Up!

Did You know?

Most of the problems of sliding door tracks occur because of dirt, dust, liquids, and more. If you keep your track clean at all times, you extend the life of your sliding door and keep it smooth and easy to slide for a very long time.

Please check your track, are they dirty?

Feel the track, pet it with your finger, do you feel bumpers along the track?

When the tracks and rollers are dirty, it damages the track so you feel like bumpers on the still. We can repair it, we can rebuild your tracks. In addition, you may know that different than our competitors, we use only stainless steel tracks.

Patio Door Handles & Locks

Patio Sliding Door Lock Repair

Keep It Secured When Needed!

Your sliding patio door is the most vulnerable door in your house. Different from other doors, your sliding door lock has a hook bolt mechanism instead of a bolt or a latch. A hook bolt mechanism is going underneath a plate on your door frame to keep the door locked.

A door that has a deadbolt or doorknob installed is not hanging on rollers, sliding open and close, but hanging on hinges, opening in or out of the room. We can repair your sliding door lock and keep your home secured whenever you decide to lock your patio door.

Patio Sliding Door Repair – Smooth Slide Your Sliding Door

Your sliding patio door is the biggest and the heaviest door in your house. Yet, you shouldn’t struggle to open and close your door. This is the time to call us to evaluate the problem with your sliding door and fix it, so you enjoy sitting on your porch sliding your patio door open and close.

Our sliding door team is ready for your call! Unlike other door companies, when you call us, you don’t need to wait weeks until someone arrives for the rescue.  In addition, as LockTech24/7 is a locksmith company, we can also take care of problems with other locks in your house.

Patio sliding door repair in Lehigh Valley PA is just a phone call away to make your life rolling smooth and easy concerning everything about your patio door. Please call us now for an estimate or repair, we would love to help.