Why You May Need A Key Even When You Have Keyless Entry

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Why You May Need A Key Even When You Have Keyless Entry

May Need Key Even Keyless Entry

Most of the people thinks they don’t need a working key to their lock since they have a key-less entry. This is not true! As a matter of fact, there are several reasons why you may need a key even when you use a key-less entry.

No matter if you use a key-less entry for car, house, or business. It also doesn’t matter if you have a new battery for your auto key fob or the electronic (keypad)  lock on your door.

A key-less entry is a fun thing to use. It makes our life easier. Yet, you can’t fully trust key fob or keypad lock to work every time you need it. On this post, we would like to point to your attention the risks of leaving your keys behind.

Key-less Entry For Cars (A Key Fob)

An automotive key fob is a remote control device to unlock / lock your vehicle doors, as well as starting your car, or other features. Each car has different features on key fob, depend on brand and model. For instance; with some cars, you can only lock or unlock your car door from a distance. With other cars, you also have push to start ignition. You can also hit the panic button in order to locate your car among many car around, in a huge parking lot.

A key-less entry key fob for cars is a convenient way to operate your car, yet, the battery can run empty. In this case, you will not be able to functionally operate your car. One of our automotive locksmith can definitely help you to replace a key-less entry fob to your car.

Key-less Entry For House Or Business

A key-less entry for house is a keypad electronic lock that runs on batteries. A key-less entry for commercial buildings could be vary, depend on the requirements of the business.

For the same reason of batteries failure in automotive key fob, the batteries in a digital keypad lock can run out, too. You can never trust an electronic device to work perfectly at all time. With this in mind, you can’t also trust your keypad lock when it is connected to the main electric line of your property. A short electric circuit, can happen any time, and you don’t want to be caught without key in your hand.

Automotive Key Fob And Keypad Lock Services

Our locksmiths can assist you with any automotive key-less entry or digital keypad lock. We can help, whether you need to re-program, troubleshoot, or replace your digital key-less entry device. Please call us or send us an email for estimate. 24 hour locksmiths can assist you whenever you need help with your key-less entry system. We are a local locksmith company to Lehigh Valley, PA.

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    Yes, it happened to me too. The batteries of our electronic deadbolt died, and we’ve got locked out of our home. I recommend everyone to take your keys with you.

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